Common Questions:
Does my dog need to be trained?
Absolutely not! In fact, most dogs I've photographed are not trained at all! Some of them were on leashes the entire shoot for safety. That's the power of patience and Photoshop! We will get fantastic photos no matter what your dog's listening level is.
Where do the sessions take place?
Typically we head to the beach, a beautiful intercoastal spot, a park, or even your backyard! It's possible to do a shoot in your home if it is naturally light and bright, but I don't use any additional lighting.
Do I have to be in the photos with my dog?
YES. You have to be in at least one photo with your dog. :) Dogs definitely don't live as long as we'd like them to and it's a good idea to capture the way they look at you, how you look at them, and how you look at each other!
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